Contract Labour

Management System


myBuro Contract Labour Management System – Manage contractural workforce for your business with statutory & compliance management.

Integrated solution with Labour attendance management system along with contractors / Labour compliance, Biometric system integrations and realtime reporting for management 

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Contractor Management

Contractor Registrations, Contractor Documents, PF ESIC Information, Bank Details, WC Details and Expiry Reminder, Uploading Documents, Reminders

Labour Registration & Management

Personal Information, Job Information, , Statutory Information, Nomination Details, Qualification & Skills, Document Verification, Rate Master, Identity Management

Compliance Management

Contractor Contract Renewal, WC Renewal Reminders, Statutory Reminders, Compliance Dashboard, Health & Insurance Document Verification, PF ESIC & Min Wage

Centralised Attendance Reporting

Getting workforce report at central location or on your mobile or laptop on the go, surely helps HR Managers and Management to plan manpower.

Approvals & Verification

Contractor's Contract Approval, Work Order Approval, Labor Approval, Blacklist Verification, Labor supply quota Approval, Contractor Bill Verification,

Informative Dashboards

Manage all employee data in a single place along with their important documents, educational details , photograph and history records.

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